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EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager

EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager is a powerful mobile event management solution that provides you the tools necessary to identify, track and verify personnel at any event.

  • Providing fast and secure credentialing for emergency workers
  • Accurately accounting for personnel and identifying available resources
  • Tracking and reporting activity with ease
  • Limiting access to authorized individuals only

Identity Management

Accurately Identify and Verify Authorized Personnel

EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager includes a secure credentialing component that allows you to create and produce responder ID cards that can then be used to positively identify responders and account for personnel on-site - including volunteers, rescue workers, medical crews, etc.

  • Design and create professional, secure responder photo ID badges
  • Scan driver's licenses and passports to boost security and speed data entry
  • Attach certifications and other pertinent documents to card holder record

Site Management

Identify and Track Personnel

EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager can be paired with the mobile device of your choice and allows you to easily identify your available resources so you can move personnel from one area to another in the most streamlined fashion.

  • Keep track of all responders on-site easily, including their specific certifications and/or job skill set, etc.
  • Track volunteers, rescue workers, medical crews, equipment and/or supplies
  • Check in/out personnel simply by scanning badges and IDs. The system will verify authorization

Limit Access

Verify Identity and Limit Access to Authorized Only

Provides you with the functionality to verify identity PLUS limit access to authorized individuals only! Maintaining control of your disaster site and preventing just anyone from entering has never been easier!

Track and Report

Accurate reporting for federal reimbursement

Easily track and report with EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager. Its robust reporting capability allows you to run functional reports easily. The information garnered allows you to make decisions based on fact.

Functionality includes fast data entry, badge design and badge printing. It allows organizations to compute time and attendance and to track emergency workers, utility teams, patients/rations and equipment/supplies with detailed individual or group logs. With centralized management, reporting components, and optional online and self registration, EntryPoint Emergency Event Manager is portable and easily deployable.

Custom development work is also available to extend the software to include additional features such as:

  • Integrate with existing emergency management systems
  • Integrate proprietary security features
  • Work with handheld devices

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