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ID System Concepts

Today digital technology has changed our lives and the way we do business. Many of the changes bring the need to know more about identity and its uses - from the identification of individuals to the protection of intellectual and physical assets.

To help manage those tasks, enterprise-wide digital ID systems can allow the sharing of critical information more quickly and efficiently than ever. A digital image database can be accessible in multiple departments or anywhere in the world, for instant identification and demographic information.

IDentiphoto can provide systems that include:

  • Employee badging
  • Online ID verification
  • Network/computer access
  • Card life cycle management
  • Facility access
  • Visitor/guest registration
  • Personnel file
  • Biometric verification
  • Vehicle registration
  • Electronic directories

ID Card Applications - that can be combined on a single card.

  • Access - data and/or doors
  • Visual identification
  • Tracking usage/position
  • Payroll
  • Proof of membership
  • Stored cash, points, etc.

IDentiphoto Company can build an ID solution to meet your specific needs. Let one of our consultants show you how to automate tasks, boost productivity and reduce costs.

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